Abbotsford/Matsqui Police Tug of War Team

Tug of War (Lightweight) - Inducted in 2006

Although there were annual tug-of-war contests in the Abbotsford area, it wasn't until 1991 when the Abbotsford-Matsqui Chamber of Commerce held a pre-Abbotsford Airshow event called “Picnic in The Park”, was the sport taken seriously. The Abbotsford/Matsqui Police Tug of War Team entered its first competition and although beaten in the final by the Delta Police, the team showed promise and it was then decided to raise and train a competitive team.

The Lightweight team was virtually unbeatable in Police, Fire and Military competitions. From 1992 to 1997 while competing in 39 events they pulled against 141 teams and only lost 17 times, these occurring mostly in the early years of competition. The team won gold at the North West Police and Fire Games in Walla Walla (Washington), in Calgary, in Portland and in Bellingham from 1993 to 1996. This was overshadowed by international victories at the World Police and Fire Games in the United States (1993), Australia (1995) and Canada (1997). The tug-of-war team ended in 1999 with the retirement of Pat McBride who trained and coached the team.

Sponsored by the Abbotsford Police Union, British Columbia Police Association