Jane Swan

Builder - inducted in 2005

Jane Swan is a name synonymous with Track and Field in B.C. serving as Director, Secretary, and President of B.C. Athletics spanning over three decades. Jane was the ultimate organizer. She was the founder and moving force in the Valley Royals Track and Field Club since its inception, fund raising while organizing local, national, and international track events. Jane was inducted as a member of B.C. Athletics Hall of Fame, a Freeman in the City of Abbotsford (1993) and was also inducted into the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame (2005). Jane also served as the chairwoman of the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame and was instrumental in the creation of our Abbotsford Sports Hall of Fame.

From coordinating local elementary school events, such as AbbotsfordÂ’s cross country grand prix season, to organizing international track events, such as s 1996 Harry Jerome classic (which attracted the 100m record holder Donovan Bailey) Jane had her hand in a wide variety of activities for the benefit of the development of amateur athletes.

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